Sonarr/mono update broke sonarr

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Sonarr/mono update broke sonarr

are there any other volume mappings I should set
The ones in that screenshot are the ones I used. Just following the Linuxserver rec. It's all very easy. At least compared to sonarr's0 settings.

Downloads is where your download app (newsreader, torrent app) drops their file. Sonarr retrieves it when ready, renames it and moves it to your tv mapped folder.

Config is primarily for sonarr metadata.
SUCCESS! I changed the container port, and up came Sonarr! :)

Now I have to figure out how to migrate my existing Sonarr config and TV series from the package version, to the Docker version. Unfortunately I don't know if I'll have time this weekend to get to it. But I've made great leaps forward, thanks to all of you here.

Thanks so much! I may open a new thread, on how to migrate an existing config to a Docker instance.

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