DSM 7.1 Sonarr won't index rarbg

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DSM 7.1 Sonarr won't index rarbg

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I been using sonarr with rarbg for years without a hitch. This past week it won't index to rarbg. I don't know what changed or how to fix it. The strangest thing is I also use Radarr with rarbg and I am having no issues so I don't really understand what went wrong. Anyone else having the same issue?
I tried that with no luck. Sonarr it self won't even fetch any updates. I'm just at a lost.
What error does Sonarr give?
You're not making diagnosing the issue particularly easy by just telling us it won't index.
Are you using different URLs between Sonarr and Radarr?
Are you using a "proxy" - jackett or prowlarr?
etc etc etc.

Your basic setup alone would help.
Are you sure you're having no issues with Radarr and rargb? How have you checked?
Each piece of information you supply makes it easier for people here to make suggestions.
OK I'll try to get this right. Just let me know if I missed some information. My set up is using sonarr threw the synology community package center. Sonarr and Radarr are using the same url but rarbg on Radarr work but does not work on sonarr. When I go to test it on sonarr and press the test button I get the fallowing error message "Unable to connect to indexer, check the log for more details." When I check the logs I get below file. The problem is I'm still kind of a newbie at this so have no clue what I am looking at or for. Also within the sonarr app on the web page I can not fetch updates so there could be a update I am missing and have no clue. I'm running version Please help me?


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Can't help with Synology Community packages... you should ask there. But with a DS1520+, I'd be using docker containers... much simpler, and less subject to breakage, IMO.
If I use docker can I still acess sonarr threw the web page interface when on the same network?
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If I use docker can I still acess sonarr threw the web page interface when on the same network?
Not sure if I understand, but NAS_IP:8989 (or another port if you prefer) gives you the sonarr GUI in any browser tab.

I have all arr's in docker (including indexers, downloaders, and Plex/Jellyfin)... and little fear of a Synology update munging things. Also... a decent image (linuxserver.io) is apt to be more often updated than a community package.

version: "3"
    image: lscr.io/linuxserver/sonarr:latest
    container_name: linuxserver-sonarr
      - PGID=206
      - PUID=1042
      - TZ=America/Out_House
      - 8989:8989
      - /volume1/media/downloads:/downloads
      - /volume1/media/tv shows:/tv
      - /volume1/docker/sonarr/config:/config

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