Sound Deadening Part 2

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Sound Deadening Part 2

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The Velcro 3/4" dots (Stuck to floor of drive tray) made a significant improvement in sound deadening on my NAS's... but one of the locations is a bit louder than the others with same Model NAS and Same Drives, and fan settings.... and I think I know why....
The NAS are mounted in 3 different locations, each inside a different sized enclosure, each with air vents in the rear, cooler at bottom and larger exhaust at top. Temps are good... But one location is louder than the other 2 locations... I found by lifting the NAS up from the floor of the location, overall sound level falls...
What I surmise...
Just like scratching the center of a speaker cone with fingernail makes a scratching sound louder than normal, I suspect that the vibrations from the NAS's Feet on the enclosure floor is doing the same thing: The cabinet itself is acting like a speaker cone: The enclosure walls are amplifying the vibration of the NAS Feet...

So.... Because I had 4x 3/4" Vencro dots left... put a fuzzy dot on each leg of that NAS.... Will listen for it :)!
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I have an old neoprene-backed mouse mat that I've cut into strips and squares. Each NAS on their wooden shelf stands on a bit of this. Same goes for my office/study's old Mission speakers (not that they can be optimally placed, but hey! gotta isolate the vibrations :) ).

You should try putting the NAS on a Hi-Fi turntable shelf with spiked feet... often wondered if that would help, but too tight to spend money trying it.
Tonight will be ‘the test’, but it sure seems to help! On other 2 NAS’s that were quieter anyway, seeing that I have them left over, and no place to use them… put the 3/4” ‘hook pads’ on the feet of the other two…. That actually seems to help as well. Time will tell.

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