Specific Firewall (ICMP) IP Range question

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Specific Firewall (ICMP) IP Range question

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In a month or so, I will need to increase the amount of ICMP (For Pinging) Router firewall "ALLOW" Rules from 1 (Which is working fine now) to 6....
3 of IP's are scattered in 149 IP area, other 3 scattered across 72 IP area....

My Question:
In the Router Firewall ICMP rules, can I mix and match 149 & 72 IP's separated by commas, or, just group 149's in one rule, 72's in a second rule, or.... should I Just make 6 individual IP Rules ?

Thanks for your reply....
AFAIK the SRM firewall only permits source and destinations to be:
  • Single IP address
  • Single IP subnet
  • An IP address range, defined by specifying the first and last IP addresses
What you're asking for is called, in other firewalls, a group. There is no facility I've found to define a group nor use the Create rule's Specific IP window to add a bunch of unconnected IPs. Is it a tedious omission in the GUI or not supported in iptables?
Was looking at my Router Firewall Rules.....

Regarding the DENY ALL OTHERS Rule I put at end of Rule's List.... That Denies All other TCP/UDP requests not satisfied with other rules.....

Got me to thinking.... ICMP is not Listed as an option in DENY ALL OTHERS.... Rule.... Only TCP/UDP

Does this mean I should really add still another DENY ALL OTHERS Rule covering ICMP, if I want to see the HITS it generates?

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A few hours later, I revisited... Yes, I AM getting about 50 HITS on the new DENY ALL ICMP Rule...

So Yes, it appears to be worthwhile...


But this prevents me from pinging any IP not previously 'allowed' above it, in firewall rules.... Ping won't get past Router..

Removing the DENY ALL ICMP Rule lets pings to any IP addresses not specifically 'allowed' in firewall rules out: past the router--once again....

So, contrary to what I thought...... ICMP is NOT Blocked in the 4 rules at bottom of the Router page!!!!

My Mind wanders: (add 2 rules: one to allow ICMP on computers on lan (range of IP's), Followed by Deny ALL ICMP (to deny al others) ??

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