Specify interface for stream share path

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Specify interface for stream share path

TL;DR: I need to tell surveillance station to advertise the stream share path for my camera with my LAN IP, not my NFS IP, and I can't find where this is configured.

More details:

I am trying to set up access to a camera stream in surveillance station through my home automation system (Home Assistant). The integration does pull down the stream share path for my camera, but the path is to the IP address on my LAN3 interface (which is used for NFS only and is not accessible on my LAN), rather than the bond0 interface (which is the one that is accessible by the rest of my equipment.

How does surveillance station decide which IP address to advertise as the stream share path, and how do I control this behaviour?
Home automation access via SS.

By "advertise", I mean that the integration in Home Assistant retrieves the "share stream path" via the API, then attempts to connect to the RTSP stream in that path. The NAS has 3 IP addresses, only one of which is accessible from the HA system, and the IP that SS chooses for the share stream path is one of the unrouted ones.
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