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Spreadsheet - can I insert to cell a link to a file that is on the same NAS via a path instead of a share link?

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Spreadsheet - can I insert to cell a link to a file that is on the same NAS via a path instead of a share link?

My company has a lot of scans (pdf), saved to the NAS and we would like to make a table in a spreadsheet (saved on the same NAS), available to employees. That spreadsheet, should have links to those scans (one link in one cell).
But I would not like to click on each scan and generate a "share file" link (which is completely illegible for human, like ...C9IOqx82v), more - then set permissions, etc. I would like to enter it as it is done in Excel, giving the path, e.g. \\nas\user\home\scans\scan01.pdf
The way is not away from Synology - they have made an option to insert picture into cell, allowing to get that picture from NAS, see the screenshot.
If it were possible and clicking such a link would open this pdf in a pdf browser embedded in the same NAS - I could delete MS Office :)

c) Thats for remote users. I was trying with connecting them with VPN, but because people changes and preparing different machines to work with VPN is not easy it it problematic solution (those are not "tech" people). They use NAS via web-browser - it is easy - everywhere and on every machine.
sorry for a delay, back to your topic
Just to be sure, the links will use:
a) regular user with DSM account
b) public user w/o DSM account
There is a specific shared folder just for such PDF share purpose (security point of view)? Or you can use new one for such share purpose, only with these PDFs?
Do you need a control who has access to the docs (GDPR)?
I can wait a long when there is someone answering :) Thanks for answer.
All employees (who should see the list of scans placed in the worksheet table) are regular users, with own logins on the NAS. Not any public users.
Now the folder with PDFs is a folder on NAS when all that users are rights to read/write. Anyone of those users can put there its own PDF and then should add a row into worksheet, putting a link to that scan into worksheet's cell (and a little description - that;s the merits of the case).
The placement for that worksheet is not obligatory - could be the same where the PDFs are or one folder up (giving then rights for all users to that placement).
Actually, arranging folders and files is not obligatory - I can change it if it will help to find solution.
Controlling of accessing files is not necessary (anyway I can use the logs from Synology).

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