SRM Update SRM 1.3.1-9346 (RC)

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SRM Update SRM 1.3.1-9346 (RC)


NAS Support
DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs+
  1. RT1900ac
  2. RT2600ac
  3. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS

New version is here, still as RC

Version: 1.3.1-9346 RC​


Important notes

This version is the release candidate (RC) of SRM 1.3.1.

What's New

  1. Supports a new installation wizard.
  2. Revamped login style page.
  3. Supports VLAN and other relevant SRM 1.3 functions for RT2600ac and MR2200ac.
  4. Supports utilizing RT2600ac as a Wi-Fi point in a mesh Wi-Fi system.
  5. Supports compatibility of mesh Wi-Fi system between RT6600ax, RT2600ac, and MR2200ac.
  6. Improved device startup speed.
  7. Improved accuracy of device name recognition.
Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed the issue where DoH might get incorrect IP addresses.
  2. Fixed the issue where the IGMP proxy version might be incorrect.
  3. Fixed the issue where DDNS might not update automatically.
  4. Fixed the issue where encrypted folders might not open correctly.
  5. Fixed the issue where DHCP might fail to add new reserved clients.
  6. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities (Synology-SA-22:09).
  7. Fixed an issue where the Wi-Fi connection may not be stable when an RT2600ac was added to the mesh Wi-Fi system.
  8. Fixed an issue where an IPv6 network may not work normally when a KPN profile was in use.
  9. Adjusted the MR2200ac's light intensity display rules.
  10. Minor bug fixes.
Known Issues and Limitations

  1. MR2200ac with SRM 1.2 or earlier is not compatible with RT6600ax in a mesh Wi-Fi system.
  2. SRM 1.3 and above are only compatible with DS router 2.0 and above.
  3. Wireless Repeater mode (WDS mode) is not supported.
  4. Restoring configurations between SRM 1.2 and SRM 1.3 is not supported.
  5. Smart Connect Scheme is not supported.
  6. Wi-Fi Performance Test is not supported.
  7. Cloud Station is not supported.
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Question for those of you with 2600 used as stand alone router, in automatic router mode, not as mesh or with 6600.

1.3.1 RC Ok?? OR, Wait for release?

(I’m not using Guest WIFI, or VPN, but am using DoH settings, and many firewall rules, and many TP Custom rules, but only basic SA Settings. I couldn’t be happier with 2600 at the present).
At present I do not have plans on implementing VLAN, but looking forward to any security improvement an update would give.

Thanks for your reply.
I am trying to update my RT2600AC using the *.pat file [see below], but getting the following error. I have used about 5GB of the 128GB thumdrive I use for storage. Anyone else had this issue or am I looking in the wrong place please?

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SRM should not need the thumb drive at all. It must be something else that is eating away the space. What apps are you running? The intrusion app is not an issue here as it uses the drive, so it's not that.
Hi - I'm currently running Safe Access, Threat Prevention and VPN Plus Server. I can only see the USB stick under storage - where can I see the default/onboard storage and what is using it up?

Edit: I had configured reports for Safe Access and VPN Server, and after deleting the old copies, it seems to go through.
I have updated my RT2600ac and two MR2200ac in mesh with gigabit wired backhaul.
SRM 1.3.1-9346
Normal network is fine, as is wifi when connected to the RT2600ac, but when connected via wifi to a mesh node (MR2200ac) the connection grinds to a halt. I have had to shut down a MR2200ac node near where my laptop is to force connection to the (much slower and further away) RT2600ac in order to get acceptable speeds.
I have tried resetting the MR2200ac node and re-adding it to the network but the speed issue remains.

This used to work really nicely with SRM 1.2.5 but something has gone wrong.

Any advice?
The final version should be out within a month.
Hearing 60+ security updates for DSM affecting SRM as well. That’s not good indicator for final version anytime soon. I am residential user and need a reliable system. I feel that many are holding off purchasing a Synology router because of these security issues.
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Looks like SRM 1.3 is now fully released as 1.3.1-9346 Update 1.

I see that SRM 1.3.1-9346 is no longer labelled Release Candidate, but overnight there is now SRM 1.3.1-9346 Update 1 (no RC, Beta, whatrever.

"Hum? No I'm not in the queue, you can go in front of me."

So if people can test this and see if it's stable etc. then let me know :ROFLMAO:
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Looking forward to your posts

(Looking for a reason Not to be outside moving larger rocks a couple hundred feet to new destinations.. I’m getting to be too old for this stuff!)

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