SRM Firewall order and deny

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SRM Firewall order and deny

LAN can connect to camera VLAN (especially my nas for recording).
TV to plex.
Then deny inbound internet to lan.
And yes. Lan can access to internet with outbound traffic. With this rule my tv can access to netflix without issue for example.
It is not normal?
I guess that’s why I have my own deny rules at the end of my firewall policy… you can’t trust the default behaviour to be what you want. There are explicit WAN inbound rules at the end that you can change but there would seem to be hidden rules that allow the LANs outbound to WAN, and you can’t change these unless you add extra rules yourself. That’s why I have my own deny all rules at the end of my policy. But you’ll have to manage port forwarding rules in the firewall policy yourself too.

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