SRM, Guest Wireless and PiHole

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SRM, Guest Wireless and PiHole

I have the latest SRM. I am using SRM DHCP for my internal LAN. I have the DNS pointing to PiHole (separate computer) which is working great- all devices are being filtered by it.

I've decided to turn on Guest Wireless (password protected) and have my phone on it. Guest Wifi has it's on IP range (different subnet) and traffic is not allowed to cross over to the private network. I have that working well.

The problem is that PiHole is no longer filtering my phone. Primary DNS on guest is .1 of it's IP range. If I set it to the IP of pihole, it won't work. Now that I think of it, it's due to Pihole being on the other network... I don't think that there's away around this, is there?
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You can try adding routing from the Guest WiFi subnet to just the PiHole but I don't know if SRM would accept it in precedence of the Guest WiFi setting of isolating the Guest and home subnets.

Since I use Safe Access I can't remember exactly which of these would be needed without it. Safe Access defers onward resolution, I think, to SRM's own Internet DNS settings but it may use SRM DNS Server if it's running.

On my SRM I run DNS Server and use my backup NAS's DNS Server as the primary forward first server. Also, I have SRM's primary DNS server set as the backup NAS's DNS Server. For main LAN DHCP I have 'forward known DNS servers' set to disabled. On the Guest DHCP I have just a primary DNS set to the SRM router's .1 address on the guest subnet.

You might change my use of the backup NAS's DNS Server to your PiHole and set each DHCP to direct the relevant subnet .1

I guess if DNS Server doesn't have any zones configured then all requests will be forwarded to the forward first servers.

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