Question SSD Install + SHR Migration

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Question SSD Install + SHR Migration

Hi all

I recently purchased a DS2419+ that i'm looking to make into a home media server. I have an existing SHR volume on a DS1517+ that I would like to migrate over but am curious about adding in a couple SSD drives in a new storage pool for DSM/ application support.

To clarify, i'm interested in doing the following in said order:
  1. Setup new device, fresh
  2. Install SSDs as new storage pool for DSM/ Applications - Can DSM be housed under one volume?
  3. Migrate SHR volume, HDD data only - Can this be done after volume1 on new device has been created?
Any help is appreciated


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1st off welcome to the forum!

My suggestion would be to migrate 1st and then add new drives and set them up as a new volume. After that, you can migrate any app/data you want to that faster storage. Setting up a new volume 1st in your new NAS will require that you install fresh DSM 1st. If you then move your existing setup you might have a bit of a clash with multiple DSM detected.

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