SSH/Terminal tools other than putty for Windows?

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SSH/Terminal tools other than putty for Windows?

... Why is putty recommended so much more? ...
It's been around for decades and people suggest what they know.

On Mac I guess the #1 suggestion would be to use the command line ssh <user>@<host> -p <port>, or New Remote Connection menu item, in the built-in Terminal application.
I use mRemoteNG (still uses putty under the hood for ssh connections), which organizes the connections nicely.

My favorite way to install and keep it (and many other applications) updated on Windows is the package manager Chocolatey

All needs to be run in an admin powershell:
1. Installing Chocolatey
2. choco install -y mremoteng putty.install winscp
(putty.install and winscp optional)

to update all installed packages: choco upgrade all -y

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