SSL Expired & No Renewal

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SSL Expired & No Renewal

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Ran into this today on one of my NASes - the RS819:

 2022-02-23 at 13.00.07.png

I did the usual and clicked renew and all it did was drop an archive file with a csr and key file into my download box. I checked the Syno KB and it states that once the default self-signed expires (after a year) it cannot be renewed.

The 'after a year' bit seems odd as on another NAS the Synology Self-Signed is apparently good till 2039 whilst on my oldest unit it expires next year.

What, if anything, should I be doing with this certificate (and yes, I have no idea what to do with the csr and key file either)??

The CSR is to go and get the certificate signed. You're not using that Synology certificate so there's no problem just leaving it there, unless you want to tidy up. It was initially created when setting up the NAS. Once mine expired I deleted it.

But I did create a fallback 10 year self-signed certificate with wildcards for my personal domains. Did this on the RT2600ac because it could still create self-signed certificates. Maybe vDSM 6 can be used for this?
Ok, that is reassuring. I didn't know if it was required should the NAS need to be reset at a future date.

I only open the external access for specific events so sometimes I am just making an external link to renew the SSL certificates.


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thanks a lot my friend, I will ask their costumer service on Monday /hug

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