Started with 3 volumes, would like to reduce to 1

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Started with 3 volumes, would like to reduce to 1

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When I first set up my DS1019+ I created 3 volumes. After about a year, I'm thinking I'd like to move to just 1 volume. My current setup is this:
Vol1 = 2.8tb
Vol2 = 3.8tb
Vol3 = 28tb

I've moved over all my app to Vol3 and all my data (so Vol1 and Vol2 are empty). Is there any issue (or proper method) of deleting these two volumes and then adding their space into Vol3?

Thanks in advanced
Thanks, when I try to remove Vol2 is says that "Drive is currently using this volume, please uninstall it before removing this volume"... there's no data there. :-/

I did go into the File Station and checked all folders (and the Share Folder) and none of them are linked to Vol2.... could it be a Recycle Bin issue? Can i delete recyle bins on a specfic volume?
Maybe there is versioning data of VOL2 still somewhere in your Drive database. But I dont know how to clean that data out without affecting you entire versioning database..
How about just temporary disabling the Drive package (you can do that in Package Center), and then try to delete the vol?
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I had quite the same issue trying to do the exact same thing ...
I have 3 volumes and wanted to shrink that to only one volume ...
Turned out even if I had everything moved to another volume -- I essentially relocated everything from the apps/service configuration window (Drive, Moments, Notes, Homes ...) when they permit it (almost no manual folder moves) -- , and it allowed me to remove the unrequired volumes, if I deleted the volume where the Photos share/folder was initially created (/volumeX/Photos) then it would not allow to start Moments. After digging into the logs I noticed that it was trying to access the Photos share/folder where my Moments Shared Library was and it had not taken into account that it had moved (/volumeY/Photos) so it always tried to reach it at its former location (/volumeX/Photos)... I tried to re-index everything but nothing changed ...
Tried to uninstall/reinstall Drive and Moments and while it allowed me to uninstall, it did not allow me to reinstall Drive and since Moments can't work without Drive ...
So I decided to recreate the Volume with smaller size and only with the Photos share/folder, reinstalled Drive and Moments and it worked again...

So not sure exactly how all this works in Drive/Moments DB but messing with the initial locations may cause issues ... I left it like that for now ... a bit disapointed.

TL;DR : tried to move all my shares to only one volume; everything OK except Moments was not restarting; turned out it was still trying to reach one share on a volume I had deleted and even worse although I was able to uninstall both Drive and Moments I was not able to reinstall; recreated the volume and share but smaller and everything worked again ; conclusion : don't mess with locations used by Drive and Moments.

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