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My first post here and the reason that I am writing, is to ask if there is any way to track a stolen NAS drive.
I ordered few days ago a brand new NAS drive. Unfortunately the package was stolen from my front door and I am pretty sure that someone from the building or the neighborhood took it. I was wondering if there is any way to track it down or do something in that case. Similar to what apple is doing with the lost devices. Long shot..but I thought to give it a try.

So sorry for your loss

There isn’t a way how to track your stolen NAS. Reasons:
- no SW package or such service provided from Synology. Then no way.
- when someone will operate such NAS in his LAN environment you can’t see the NAS MAC address from WAN, even SN is hidden. Except SSH connection from WAN to NAS. Then also no way.

There is maybe one step how to check it, but there is 0.00001% probability, because you haven’t a registration your NAS under your Synology account:
- you need to know the NAS SN
- you need to know the NAS MAC addressees for every single NIC in the NAS
- you need an invoice or purchase bill, confirmation from your seller about the purchase
- you need contact Synology distributor, who is responsible for such retail region to confirm, that the purchase is valid (distribution flow)
- then from this stage you can contact Synology directly (ask from distributor) to change to find a record of:
a) the NAS registration with SynoAccount
b) QuickConnect registration of such NAS.

- there isn’t 100% that some will use QuickConnect for a location of the ISP, which can check an identity of WAN IP .... what is really, really complicated (legal reasons), technically it’s easy.
- your mentioned Apple services you can use also when you have your Apple ID in such phone registered.

The final answer is no way. But try to contact Syno. All fingers crossed! And write what they answered.
Thank you for the detailed reply. I will do that. Finger crossed. I don't hope to get the drive back. I hope to catch who stole it.
- there isn’t 100% that some will use QuickConnect for a location of the ISP, which can check an identity of WAN IP .... what is really, really complicated (legal reasons), technically it’s easy.
I would agree that this is your best bet. If you can confirm that you have ordered and paid for that NAS but do not have it (this is what I see a bit complicated) and Syno willing to monitor your NAS that was shipped via its serial number, then maybe, when it gets registered via QC it can report back. Still this is very very tricky legally and I don't see it work in your favor.
If you paid with a credit card you may be able to claim through your card provider, either insurance or that the retailer failed to supply the goods.

Being left on a doorstep isn't delivered, it's abandoned unless you instructed to leave on the doorstep. Your retailer may have to chase their [it's not your's] delivery company to trace the item.

But I'd put pressure on the retailer to fix this with a replacement unit and tracked & signed delivery.

The alternative is that a neighbour has taken it in but not come round yet.
Unfortunately the package was stolen from my front door

So the mail men just left it at your front door? I would then consider this as 'not delivered' and demand a solution from the retailer you ordered this from (either send a new NAS, or total refund). There is no way here in the Netherlands the retailer would get away with this (unless you let them).
I would then consider this as 'not delivered'
Agree. There's probably no proof this was even delivered (a tracking number is not "proof", nor is a photo of the package at your doorstep), or delivered to the correct location. File a complaint (not received) with the sender, and notify your payment provider to "hold" the charge until it is resolved.
I used to work for a logistics company and the number of deliveries that went missing was crazy
they should all be using handhelds to prove delivered and if you didnt sign then they dont have proof it was delivered
ASk the seller to see the signature for the delivery - no signature no pay
Good luck w/catching the thief and/or your drive. Small odds, but hopefully you'll get lucky.

On the side of prevention for future orders:

Carriers like UPS & FedEx also have the option to hold your delivery at one of their nearby stores for you to pickup. When you get your tracking number for the delivery, go to FedEx or UPS web sites and make the change to the delivery of your package to have it held for you at their store nearest you.

Fedex Hold for Pickup

UPS Hold for Pickup

Amazon also has options here, including allowing you to choose pick up your delivery at a local Amazon Locker (commonly in 7-11s in my area). (Not sure if that covers any order, or just those delivered by Amazon via their own drivers.) You can also choose your specific "Amazon delivery day" on the Amazon site if you know when you can be home to wait for deliveries.

Hope you have a happy ending.
At least w/Fedex, it's not limited to Fedex stores. I used this service recently and discovered that Fedex used Walgreens drug stores as delivery points in my area. Just 2 miles from the house. Perfect!

Excellent - I had not heard that. Thanks for sharing. Options like this just aren't well known enough.
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According to this page, you can have Fedex packages held for pickup (in the U.S.) at
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • Albertsons
  • Kroger
You'll need a tracking number to see the actual locations.
Damn, I have severe memory leak! I just remembered, I picked up one of my packages a month or two ago at a local grocery store, either a Vons or an Albertsons. Totally forgot about that until you posted above. So I can confirm that option does work!
I am fortunate that I have had no issues where I live with package deliveries and theft, my only concern was a router I ordered off Amazon that did not come repackaged in an Amazon box or envelope. It was their mistake, and I think likely an issue to do with a new distribution center that went live recently.

That said, when a $1k delivery shows up on my doorstep I make every attempt to get it off my front porch as soon as possible.

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