Storage pool deleted, can I recover data?

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Storage pool deleted, can I recover data?

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I had in ds220+ 2 storage pools each with one volume. I tryed to combine into 1 storage volume but I commited the mistake to delete 1 storage pool. Now I have the hard disk that was in the cancelled storage pool as initialized but I cannot create a pool to read in th HD without erasing its data! Did I loose my data definitively? any way to recover them? I have no back up, it was in raid basic.
The PC with this procedure is the only way? How do I recover data from a Synology NAS that is no longer accessible? - Synology Bilgi Merkezi

Any possibility to restore by acting with NAS?

Please help me I'm desperate....
The PC with this procedure is the only way?
That may not work for you since you deleted the pool. Without being callous, if the data was important you would have had a backup... whether your NAS, your PC or your phone...

As suggested, contact support, but you may need to seek out a pricey data recovery service.

In the meantime... take a backup of the remaining volume if that content is important.
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Thanks, not so important to ask for a data recovery service (many films mainly but years of ripping). Thanks to have stopped me ti pursue the data recovery as it taking a lot of time. What i cannot understand is that i haven’t erase any data. They should be there…
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You will probably have deleted the file system structure but the what's written to the platters will be to some extent recoverable. There are software packages that aim to recover data even if the file system has gone. These can read the device and then try matching the data to known file types. Do a web search and try ones that have a free trial, they often will provide a view of what they have found without letting you recover the actual data. You can then decide how much your time is worth.

Since your two drives were effectively standalone 'pools'/volumes then there isn't any reconstructing arrays. I would use a USB caddy with Mac/PC and see what data recovery tools can do. You will probably need a second drive (or some storage) to hold the working data and recovered files. I'm basing that on using Data Rescue on Mac.
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yes, EAZ. thanks to the others. Recover by a program will not reproduce folder structures and file names: that will be a mess in my case as I have BD rips.
Sent the request to synology EU, but I do not think I will receive an useful reply
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