Store browser bookmarks and sync via NAS

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Store browser bookmarks and sync via NAS

So if I set that container up in my Docker, how do I point my FF on my Windows and Android machines to sync to that container..?

Right now in my login script I've set a robocopy from %AppData%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles to the Synology homedir. But that doesn't sync to my mobile phone at all. :)
Hate to wake a sleeping thread... but...

I just stumbled into Floccus, and it is so simple. Simply set up WebDAV on your NAS, then add the Floccus extension to your browser. "Create" an account and all your bookmarks are on your NAS.

Then add Floccus to you other devices, and either sync, or simply download bookmarks via WebDAV.

No docker, no packages, no cloud... just the extension and a basic WebDAV folder.
Have tried the floccus app with synology but get always the same error 'E019: HTTP status 405. Failed PUT request. Check your server configuration and log.' I have even created a special user account on my nas without 2FA (what I normally use). Any idea why I got this?

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