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My home lab rack reminded me this morning that it exists.

Drive announced a time-out today and that was a bad sign. A quick look at the rack and I found that the primary, secondary and backup NASes are flashing blue (power switch). Maybe one yes, but all? No disc was flashed (LED). However, all LAN LEDs flashed. No STATUS LED flashed, No ALERT LED flashed.
Experiment No. 1 - SSH - did not respond to any of them.
Experiment No.2 - web - same situation

Hard Restart for all of them.

Successful boot for all NASes. All mapped network connections, like yesterday.
Note: All of them have defined a "night rest", after all, backups are done and at the same time a morning awakening.

Since I have mapped LOG directories to my lab PC, I immediately looked at all the essential logs - kernel, dmesg, dms, bash, disk, auth, data scrubbing, ....

Nothing was found, from the morning booting time = no records; just from the "hard restart" time.
Interestingly, nothing was recorded in the dmesg at all - as if it was not booted at all and therefore not logged.
Follow the records - the night shutdowns were fairly correct in each device.

Except for this one record after the "hard restart":
ACPI BIOS Bug: Warning: Invalid length for FADT/Pm1aControlBlock: 32, using default 16
Starting with kernel version, the setup of the FADT registers from ACPI table function is added to check for the length and width of the length variable. For Pm1aControlBlock, Linux prefers the default length of two bytes whereas the NAS sets it as four bytes. Linux will set it to two bytes after reporting the above warning message.
No such event was found in historical logs.

My point: The kernel did not appear to boot at all completely. But it all of them at the same time? A mystery like from Hitchcock's Three investigators.

Check on the DSM sides:
Everything is in 100% order, disks, services, ... no anomalies.

I am currently completing SMART extended tests on all disks. No anomalies found yet.
Extended SMART tests finished on the Backup NAS - OK. Partially on the primary and secondary NASes. Also OK. Now data scrubbing.

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