strange Nas not shown in win explorer

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strange Nas not shown in win explorer

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ok so a bit of a strange one for me... i own two nas devices a ds920+ and a ds418 now the ds920 has always been seen by my network on windows pcs in explorer under network.
my ds920 is plugged in to a netgear mesh satellite and all was well, my ds418 was plugged in to a poe switch with the switch then connected to the same netgear satellite as my ds920,
at this point the 920 was seen by all of my pcs under file explorer but my ds418 was not so i unplugged my 418 from the poe switch and plugged it directly in to the same satellite as the 920 and at this point the 418 instantly became viewable by all of my windows pcs under file explorer along with the ds920.

Great!!! but after an hour or so the ds920 dropped of the network or at least in terms of windows file explorer automatically discovering it and to this point the situation remains that the ds418 is discovered by windows but not the 920, both have fixed ips which i can navigate to with out issue i can also navigate to them manually in explorer using \\ds920 or ds418
but as fr automatic discovery only the 418. this creates a slight issue as if i use a program to save files the 920 does not come up as an option to save to due to winndows not automatically discovering it.

i have checked and double checked settings both on nas and pc, network discovery on, file and printer sharing on in the pc smb set to on as well as ws discovery on the nas but strangely it will only let me see the ds418 instead of showing both under network discovery/file explorer all devices are on same network and subnet.

i use the ds418 purely for surveillance station running two 4k cams as i was concerned that trying to run cams on ds920 along with docker for arrs and as a plex media server would be asking to much of the ds920.
Hello Dazzer12, I’ve just found the same identical problem as you. Windows no longer sees my Nas in the Network Folder of Explorer! I have no problem seeing the various folders I have created in the PC Folder of Explorer and they open and can be read and written to.
So, I can only open the DiskStation by manually searching in my Browser using its I.P.
Any ideas from the community to solve would be nice!

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