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I was trying the app Video station today and decided to change a sub folders name to better fit the circumstance. I have a folder named Video and under it are 2 sub's titled Movies and Eureka. I went into file station, right clicked Eureka and changed it to TV shows. However, after checking it I only found two files when there were at least 12 before.

Has anyone experienced this issue. Luckily I had the files backed up on my PC and was able to recover them easily. Just curious. TIA
An admin user is needed to configure VS within its Web GUI, but admin users also have the ability to delete items. For normal usage of VS it's best to use a standard user account.

If the admin user didn't have the read/write access to the library folder then you wouldn't be able to save .vsmeta files ... which are very useful to 1. save your tag changes, and 2. speed up re-tagging.

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