Strangest issue..... Something out of End User's reach!!! FYI

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Strangest issue..... Something out of End User's reach!!! FYI

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Today internet access is slow and sluggish... Works but crawls.... Check system, which worked fine yesterday and nothing done....
Check my 'Ping Traps' to ISP Server feeding modem... Nothing indicating a server issue feeding me... No packet loss...
Modem Diagnostics don't point to anything.... Router seems OK, but both WIFI's and Ethernet connected speed tests are bad... Everything bad...
Check Modem and 2600 router yet again.... Nothing jumps out.... in Router or Arris Modem Diagnostics...

So, Power cycle Modem... Connects normally... Still slow... Reboot Router, Connects normally, Still slow.... HUH?

Could it be Router? Have a spare 2600... Shut down and swap 2600's. ... SAME!!!!

Check Modem Yet again.... Nothing jumps out!!!!

Contact Neighbors (Our development folks are all fed from same ISP Server).... They are fine...

Power cycle modem yet again... Connects normally, Check Ping Traps, still no Packet Loss!

Throw in towel, call ISP.... Explain to support that this is something I've not seen before.... He sends a "RESET" to CMAC address of modem, resetting 'everything'.........

BACK TO NORMAL!!! Ask: Is there ANY WAY I COULD DO THIS, From Modem Diagnostis, maybe??? (I power cycled modem multiple times... without it helping)....

"No, it's something only we can do remotely" (Note that firmware in Modem was NOT updated, still 2019 vintage!)

UP, and now I know it was something in Modem -- not my 2600 router!!!


But I have to ask.... Has anyone else been able to 'reset' modem yourself? It's frustrating not be able to fix something....

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