Question Sudden death of a DS918+

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Question Sudden death of a DS918+

  1. RT2600ac
For some reason, today my NAS just turn itself off. When I try to start it, the blue start button blinks for like 10 seconds and turn itself off again. When I remove all the drives, it is up again but the power light bilnks indefinitely. I can access the web interface but there is nothing there to diagnose the problem, just a page saying that I need to put some disks. Is there anything I can do to better diagnose my problem? Thanks in advance
With all disks removed, if the blue light flashes for 20 minutes, it is a sign of board failure.

OTOH... if you see a page that says to install some disks, grab a spare disk (not from the drives you were using), insert it, and see if you can create a volume, and report back here...
Ok, reporting back since a while: it was a power supply failure. It wasn't easy to find a replacement but it went ok. Everything is back and running normally. It really scared me but was just that. Thanks all of you for your help.

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