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Hello all,

Industrial freelance programmer here, this means I usually program robots, PLC and CNC for engineering companies that get my services.

This said, a few IDEs I use to write, compile and send the code to the devices I program, store all the changes in a single file or keep changing files continuously. This makes my drive to become crazy and perform non stop syncing.

I ended up pausing my drive and resuming it after closing the program environment tool.

I have set filters for file types, but this is not enough given what I explained before.

Is there any better option than manually pause the synchronization? is it possible to set a timer while the application I use to program is active? or something similar?

Thank you very much in advance.
At the end I've spoken to the Synology tech support, they don't have this kind of behavior, but they will propose it to be developed for new iterations of the drive package.

This said, I've programmed a small script that simply reminds me to pause and resume the drive synchronization manually as soon as the affected programs start / stop.

Easy and can't abort a synchronization in the middle of the process if I shut drive down abruptly.
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