DSM 7.0 Sync with Apple Reminders?

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DSM 7.0 Sync with Apple Reminders?

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Has anyone been able to get Apple Reminders on macOS 12 to sync tasks/task lists with Synology Calendar? If so, could you share how?

I've added my Synology account to the macOS Internet Accounts, the calendar syncs just fine with the computer app, but in Reminders I can only see the account name without any task lists.

Thank you!
I rarely use Reminders so not something I'd noticed, and Synology accounts work on iOS Reminders.

In Big Sur I don't see the lists that I can see in iOS. So I've got the same issue as you (I can't use macOS 12). I'm sure it used to work when tasks/todos were in Mac's Calendar app.
on Macos Monterey Reminders also was not working with Synology calendar...

I've made investigation and found invalid nginx configuration for /.well-known/caldav url. It is very important url for Reminders

file: /var/packages/Calendar/target/etc/www/Calendar.mustache

you should comment or remove whole block (lines 45 - 53)

location ~ ^{{#alias}}/{{alias}}{{/alias}}/.well-known/caldav { 

and add following:

rewrite {{#alias}}/{{alias}}{{/alias}}/.well-known/caldav {{#alias}}/{{alias}}{{/alias}}/caldav.php/ last;

after this restart calendar package and be happy with Reminders


In original nginx configuration /.well-know/caldav proxing to https://$host:38443/caldav.php/
Problem is how $host is resolving .. to which ip? For many users DSM sitting behind router and $host is routers ip, as result proxing happens to unexpected destination.

I don't know how to give this knowledge to Synology Contacts package makers, maybe you can?
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Finally it works again! Thank you!

I opened a ticket and reported it to synology support.

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