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Syncing with other tools and apps....

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Lot of iOS apps there that force iCloud, and curious if there are ways to direct an iCloud option to sync w/Synology instead?
Sounds crazy, yep. Hoping for some hack that will let me sync apps that only provide sync options through iCloud...
Only if you can find the app's iCloud data on your Mac, then you could sync that Mac <-> NAS.

If it's in iCloud Drive then they are in the combination of:
  • App specific folders in iCloud Drive: ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/*/Documents
  • Items in iCloud Drive not associated with an app: ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com\~apple\~clouddocs
It used to be the same when apps only used Dropbox, and some old, useful ones still do this. At least CloudSync enables data to be sync'ed to the NAS.
Interesting...the intention would to not use iCloud at all...maybe to set up so there is a directory for that syncing mentioned above...thought not seeing how this would even if successful in finding the directory. Sync can be a funny word. Looking for the primary source file to be living on the NAS, and ideally apps using it the same way as if it were iCloud.

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