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Info Syno DS 209+II & Transmission Remote GUI

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Hi all
This is my first post here so be gentle.;)
OK let's do it.
I have Syno DS 209+II (quite odl I know but serves me well), Asus RT-AC68u router and Transmission Remote GUI on Win 10 system.
Problem is that I do not know how to open ports on router? I've tried but result:
So help is needed badly.

To forward ports on your router you should go to the Virtual server/Port forwarding section. Did you try that?

Specify the internal port (same), and check if Windows has some kind of a firewall enabled. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Windows. is the Windows PC where you have Transmission running, righ?
Yes that's Windows PC where is Transmission
You are thinking well. Firewall is enabled on DS.
Yup on DS and I use Transmission Remote GUI to enable DLL torrent on DS.
yup static for DS
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Must go, sorry
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I've checked ds firewall and it's not active. Only firewall on router is active so i need to open ports on asus router. but so far no luck, sadly
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So i resume my situation:
- I have DS 209+II and Transmission running on for torrents
- I have router Ausus RT-AC68u where I need to open ports
- I have PC with Win 10 and Transmission Remote GUI app for quick dll torrents
And I hve no idea how to open ports on asus that all will work OK.😭
Ths is picture of my router open ports whic do not work.
Screenshot_2020-11-20 ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC68U - Virtual Server Port Forwarding.png
Please use this site to check if the ports are forwarded. I think Transmission checks are not making sense.

aftr a reboot of router this is working:
Screenshot_2020-11-21 ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC68U - Virtual Server Port Forwarding.png

Thanks for all of your help.

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