Syno NAS Dockerized Trello alternatives for smal group projets

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Syno NAS Dockerized Trello alternatives for smal group projets

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What about the dockerized alternative of Trello.
Read about Restya. Sounds positive. They have official Docker repo here.
Do you have an experiences?
But still missing a native or Zap integration to Syno Drive.
Restya demo tested. Really reasonable. This week I will try install official dockerized ver.

@Rusty: regarding the DB - is it better to use internal Syno Postgre or also dockerized? now I found steps for a remote control of the internal Syno Postgre DB, but it is necessary perform some steps after each DSM update/upgrade. Not sure how in DSM 7.0.

I wrote to Restya, they can provide a support for docker installation, then I will prepare a summary for you.

It will be nice when shared links from SynoDrive will be usable in the Restya in same way as in SynoChat. Then no need an integration to Drive.
regarding the DB - is it better to use internal Syno Postgre or also dockerized?
Personally, I would run it in docker. Just because you will be sure that you have it under your control and sandboxed from DSM. Who know what they will change and when, just my2c
Finished. Running now. Needs some customisations.
The Drive shared link copy/pasted to Restya attachment works for Drive in PC/Win browsers also in iOS.
Needs few days of testing, then I will prepare my point to @wwwampy Resource from admin/user point of view
Btw: the resource is good job. Found after my installation :)
Finished. Running now. Needs some customisations.

Ciao Jeyare, I cameto this post looking for info about restya.
I was looking for a base project managment tool to install on a DigitalOcean base droplet (I don't want to pollute the NAS), from where integrate some other stuff like automations, customizations, reports, etc.

I was using Trello and Asana and I was investigating and alternatives.
I went for Restya because looks promising.

I successfully started a Docker instance but now I'm realizing all the other tools are paid plugins and it's also not clear how much it will cost or what they do.

What about your experience?
Are you still using it?
How do it perform on your NAS?
Did you find interesting resources like free plugins or customization tutorials?

Thanks for sharing your experience
Restya is really immatured piece of ...
It is good maybe for single user, but not for more than two
more you can read here from my evaluation post
Finally - It is a time wasting. Of course, cost free. :cool:

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