synocommunity package, not working (May 2020)

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synocommunity package, not working (May 2020)

I can't browse to must be offline?

If you have the .spk installers then a manual install using Package Centre.
Yep, its been offline for days now. Guess this will be a good time for people to get into Docker. Looks like Community has reached its limit.
Does anyone know of another way to get the packages if synocommunity is down? I have a DS418 and I am looking for the spk's for Radarr, Sonarr, SABnzbd, and the dependencies.
Most 3rd party SPK sites are listed here, but I think only Synocommunity has these apps listed

If and when SC comes online to make sure to back up the repository for apps that you find usefull.

Synocommunity is migrating its website. Atm eta was today, but looks like it will take some more time.

radarr and sonarr are actually two of the apps that you should run in docker even if a native app exists.
the native apps are notorious for having memory leak issues.

docker versions much more reliable in this instance.
Plex is an exception. native app should be used over docker.
Can you elaborate on why Plex is better to be ran from syno package than docker ?
At the moment I have both installed (docker and syno package) and I planned to move to the docker one.
One thing that slowed me down from doing the ove is I have to reconfigure my Kodi endpoint to use the docker plex ... now I'm just not sure if there's a benefit from running plex in docker instead of syno package :rolleyes:
Can you elaborate on why Plex is better to be ran from syno package than docker ?

ask the guy over in plex forums who maintains the synology version why. he'll give you very detailed and robust explanations why you use should native if it's available.
I think his name is ChuckPA.

I guess his decades of linux experience make him resistant against the charme and easyness of docker containers. He always prefers the native binary over the docker container. It is just easier for him to support people with native apps due lacking knowledge on how docker works.
His point remains valid, if there is a native app for the platform then, unless you have very specific requirements, it should be used.

If you want to use docker then you need to support yourself.

Docker may have charm and easyness, as you say, but just because something is the easiest option doesn't automatically make it the preferred option.
It is a matter of taste. I strongly dislike that native application opinionate on how to spread their files accross my filesystem. With docker containers I have full control of that.

It is like living in a clean tidy flat. While some people don't care if they live in a big mess, some people can't stand it if i's not clean and tidy. There is no wrong answer. Use whatever works for you ^^
Plex, though, seems to be pretty much self contained in it's own folder, don't see a lot of "mess" in this case?

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