synocommunity package, not working (May 2020)

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synocommunity package, not working (May 2020)

From what I can all Plex files (excluding media) are in the one folder. If you know otherwise then I'm happy to told different
I am not going to install to plex to prove my point. I spend the last 5-6 years with docker in private and enterprise context, ... I know one or two things about how to run stuff on docker. I run almost everthing in docker, unless there is a good reason to not do so.
nobody was asking you to install anything.
you seem to be taking this very personal, as if Docker was your own baby!
calm down! no-one cares what anyone uses, especially you or me.

but everything for plex is installed in a share called "plex" located at /plex when using the native synology app.
if you need to migrate plex to another device everything you need (excluding actual media) is in /plex

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