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Dear forum members and visitors!

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 13.47.37.png

That's a trophy I got. is celebrating the first anniversary 🎉

In the last year we've been trying to build up a forum for users that like NAS related stuff. Hopefully, we are going in the right direction.

We've made some style changes, added resources, media and blog sections, etc. You can check the timeline here.

Currently, we have almost 800 members and over 10.000 posts, useful resources, images in media gallery and more.

First I would like to thank all our forum members that are contributing to this forum in any way, especially to our subscribers, donators and active members.

I would also like to thank our staff for helping out. @Rusty - for staying with us from the start. We wouldn't get so far without you. How did I find you? :)

@jeyare - it's great working with you, nice to have you here. And I like your data ;)

@fredbert for joining the team a few days ago. It's great to have you here with all that knowledge. 👍🏻

In the current year, we are aiming to expand cooperation with other communities. And there are also some other to-do things on our list. Stay tuned.
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This forum basically has everything the 'new Synology community' lacked. It's still hard to believe how Synology just killed the might resourcefull old forum and made no effort to restore it. I hate it.

This forum did well and was introduced at the perfect timing when we (syno savvy forum ppl) were searching for a new home. xD


EDIT: So in 2 days time I will get this same notification then.
Would personally like to thank all our members for getting us here where we are today as well as our staff and founders for offering such a rock solid platform. Congrats to all on this 1st anniversary and hopefully we will see many more to come.

Free 🍪 for all!!!!
Just getting a big :coffee: to dunk my 🍪

What I get from this forum vs the dark side is there's so much more dialogue and makes supporting each other rewarding, as we probably learn something while helping rather than a void of silence.

Thanks to all for making it such a nice place to hang out.
I'm happy to be here for this milestone! The forum design makes it easy to hang around! With the dark theme and most importantly the friendly staff and members.

I give major props to the founding members for hanging in there to build this community. We know forums were a thing of the past and can be very hard to build and grow but seem to be making a come back and SynoFourm will be a great success!

Together as a community, we can make this THE place to come and congregate for not only Synology NAS devices but also related topics. This goes to the moderators for keeping this place clean and fun while not stripping every aspect of humor away.

WOOT! Congratulations!

I was so pleased when I found this forum, smart and experienced mods/leaders, friendly people, and a wide range of topics. Even in it's old guise the official synology forum was never as useful and helpful as this.

back to life
It's great to see how something is growing from green grass
It's great to grow from green grass, when "competitive" official Syno community has more than millions messages per month. But this isn't real competition. It's just real example, how to make support in different (our) way.
It's great to be here and share knowledge with you!
Well, im new to this forum, but have contribute in others in different subject areas, and in this forum there are a way better respect to the questioner than others, for ex. Synology Comunity, with moderators like HarryPotter, Thelos that almost always been way to rude to the questioners, and that kind of behavior just kill my interest to interact, why do this kind of forum exist, well probably because there are loads of pp with loads of different perspective and ability to search info about their Synology products, and a easy way is to question here, there are no dumb questions, just dumb answers...

Love & Respect

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