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Own a Synology NAS and Need Help?

When a brand like Synology has been around for a great length of time, it will always grow a big following. From NAS drive owners who were there at the start, to those who felt the need for a private cloud alternative and decided on them as their manufacturer of choice. As much as NASCompares wants to be there for all NAS Drive owners, there will always be a focus on what is new and exciting this year, next year and those after. What about AFTER you buy your Synology NAS? Sure, Synology DSM will always be updated to be bigger and better (come on DSM 7, I haven’t got all day!) but what if you want to do unique tasks? have a one-off setup that needs a little tune-up? Where should a NAS drive owner go for impartial and helpful advice? Today I want to briefly discuss Synoforum.

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DS418play, DS213j, DS3622+, DSM 7.1.4-11091
Yikes... Black text in dark mode... I have to "select all" to read the OP :geek:

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