NAS Compares Synology 2020 Q&A with Taiwan HQ – Your Questions Answered

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NAS Compares Synology 2020 Q&A with Taiwan HQ – Your Questions Answered

Synology NAS 2020 – Your Questions Answered

Of all the companies in the industry of network-attached storage, few are as secretive as Synology. Whether you are an in the industry of network appliances and storage, the in-house IT guy, or a professional consumer (prosumer) who is just in the market for a new piece of kit, finding out information on the latest hardware and software releases from Synology NAS can often be rather difficult. I have been covering pretty much any and all news from Synology NAS for a few years now and although they are always rather secretive at the best of times, things are especially oblique in this latest generation of 2020 and 2021 range. There are lots of reasons for this, ranging from their brand’s own elusive reputation to share information till the last moment, to the impact of covid19 having an impact on manufacturers as they either preemptively close/lower staff numbers – which in turn lead to relative silence from a number of our biggest brands.

However, I was fortunate enough to be able to get some of your most pertinent and current questions answered with two of the team at the Synology Taipei Headquarters, covering everything from new releases in hardware to DSM 7 and it features. Below is the interview conducted with Jason Fan, Hardware Product Manager and Chad Chiang, Software Product Manager at Synology HQ and I was grateful for there time.

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