Synology / Acronis True Image - Being Killed-Off?

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Synology / Acronis True Image - Being Killed-Off?

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Anyone know what is going on with the Acronis True Image Synology Package?

The package was well supported up to the the 2017 models, plus a few later models that had older underpinnings (eg RS1219+) but in the years since the Applied Models list has become very small indeed. None of my newer NASes are supported at all.

I thought it was a pretty good package for iOS & iPadOS backups and I'm a bit surprised it has just withered away like this. I'm not aware of a suitable replacement either for such easy on-premise iOS / Android backups.
Yes, not sure why is it like that. I installed it on VMM (the package center interestingly finds it in VMM) just to try it.

But currently, I still use this:

It works great, actually.
I agree. With x18 models (apollo lake and later) it is harder and harder to get it to be "natively" supported, not to mention that it hasn't got an update in years, still, it does work fine as Synoman said via VMM. Truth is that a VDSM might be overkill just to be used for this alone, but at least it does work.
Agreed. Another reason why the new Photos apps might be more interesting considering it will be a lot easier to back up the data and to back up that backup, which in the case of TrueImage (even though the package works fine) is atm, not an option.

Was just attending a Syno SPOT seminar on Protecting your VMware and Hyper-V environments, and I managed to get a question regarding ABB macOS native support, and when can we expect it. Nothing out of the current video info.

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Ofc this has nothing to do with Acronis, but I guess that iOS users will have the biggest benefit of backup from their devices using Photos, as I fear that this package will eventually be moved to 3rd party Type C list of apps, the ones no longer supported.

Did a quick chat with Acronis now:

Lucy (18/03/2021, 12:33:10): As I understand you have queries related to Acronis True Image mobile app backing up to NAS, am I correct?
Me (18/03/2021, 12:34:16): Correct. I have a question of the NAS side of things. The Synology package has not been updated since 2017-09-12. So I was wondering if this is something on the Acronis side or does Synology provide updates for this particular package?
Me (18/03/2021, 12:34:49):
Lucy (18/03/2021, 12:35:22): I will be glad to assist you with this
Lucy (18/03/2021, 12:35:30): Please allow me 2 minutes while I check the details for you
Me (18/03/2021, 12:35:46): Thank you
Lucy (18/03/2021, 12:36:34): Luka, this application update of the mobile app - should be provided by the NAS vendor- you can check for the available update via "
Me (18/03/2021, 12:37:33): Ok so this is something on Syno side of things. Thank you for confirming this for me.

Guess we better not focus too much on Acronis as the primary or only type of backup for mobile devices.

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