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I have a Synology DS1520+ running DSM 7RC and have recently stumbled upon Synology Active Insight. It's kind of interesting. However, for some reason although I have managed to get it up and running, after a short while it disconnects and mentions a possible internet connection issue. All other devices on my network do not seem to experience this supposed internet connectivity issue. So, I am wondering if I possibly have a Synology configuration tweak to make to get this thing working properly, whether this is a function of this item being a beta software (which I doubt because I have not seen much online about others having this issue), or whether my Ubiquiti UDM Pro might be blocking a necessary connection for this to work consistently. One thing I know for certain based upon my experience, is that the collective wisdom and knowledge of a forum like this is likely to uncover the cause. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
I have been using AI since day one in closed preview. Works just fine no interruptions at all
That is great news, but does little to resolve or uncover the cause of my issue. Do you have any substantive thoughts on what may be going on Rusty?
That is great news, but does little to resolve or uncover the cause of my issue. Do you have any substantive thoughts on what may be going on Rusty?
Yeah sorry that comment was not helpful at all. Well from syno side there is no configuration at all as you know so not sure what to suggest atm.

Anything special on UDM logs?
I appreciate your help. To answer your question, I am not sure exactly what ports I should be looking for in the UDM logs. I have both deep packet inspection and internet threat management (default settings) enabled on the UDM which I suspect may be contributing to the issue, but I am not positive about that since all of my other online Synology function appear to be functioning normally. Thanks again for your time.
Just to correct my previous statement. I have problems with AI. Same as you described. I just went in and turned it off and back on, and now I can't even activate it any more.

I think there are 2 reasons for this. Syno is preparing for a rollout of this service, and personally, I am on beta 2, not RC (as there are not RC versions for XS... models out yet), so it might be that my model atm is no longer compatible.

Considering that AI is officially in beta, Syno might be preparing for a close official release of DSM7 and AI as well as HS services might hit "gold" versions. I think this is what's happening here.
Thank you for your thoughts sir. I hope you're right because the AI seems like a nice function. It's certainly not critical for my use case, but would be nice to have working properly. I really do appreciate you taking the time to give me replies. Please let me know if you learn anything about this going forward and I will do the same.
I noticed problems with AI last week or maybe one before. Couldn’t log into the website but the iOS app could. My one DSM 7 NAS was showing as not connected.

I looked at the website again two days ago and it was working. Just checked the app and the NAS is said to be offline.
Good information. It sounds like I should just wait for DSM7 and Active Insights to advance to public release and see if the issue persists. I really love my Synology NAS by the way. It and my Ubiquiti DSM Pro and 24 port POE switch have really advanced my home network system. I recently added three U6-LR access points and am loving my new set up.

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