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Hi All

i would like to ask if any one of you has any expirience in Joining Synology NAS to AD domain
i have a problem with enumerating users
i've created ca 100 000 Users in one OU

What i could see in Synology (domain/LDAP -> domain users) is only 71991 is there any limitation to number of users?
i was trying to rise the log level in SMB.conf adding log level =5 it seems its working ( i have a little more data in /var/log/samba but nothing out of the ordinary imho in the log files.
On DC i've also enabled NTDS diagnostics Ldap interface i could see some errors form my NAS but nothing that concider a problem.
i dont see antyhing on WireShark installed on DC

any ideas what maybe the issue?some limitation on Synology itself?maybe some one would know how to enable some additional logging on NAS itself?

Hello and welcome,

Please excuse my ignorance as I know very little about LDAP systems and my opinion is most likely flawed.

According to your system (above), you’re running a DS214. Why would you need 100K users on a LDAP on that?! Or is it that the 214 can’t ”see” the 100K OU on the main LDAP? If so what difference does it make? I mean are you having the 214 open for 100K users?

I’m just curious as I might learn something new :)
Good question. I don't know why not all AD users are visible in Syno. It could also be a limitation in the GUI. But if they would all try to login, maybe it would work.

But DS214 is way to 'small' imo to serve 100 000 users..
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Hi Guys sorry for my late response =) i was thinking that no one will pickup the topic.

- yes 214 is too small for such amount of users , we have much bigger boxes but few years back i bought 214 for my personal use so i use it as my lab rabbit =)

1. Why? i work for a company that has a lot lot lot more users then 100 K when you join the Syno to AD its imperative to download everything to browse and add permissions for the shared files

2. i was able (rising logging level on DC to 5 on filed engeenering ) finally see logs. that Syno is browsing AD

3. i have SSH'ed to Syno using putty. i was trying to rise log level in smb.conf file in 3ways
log level = 8
debuglevel = 8
log level = 1 auth:5 winbind:5

every time after :wq! i have restarted snbd and smbd using sudo /sbin/restart smbd
then tail -f /var/log/samba/log.wb-ACME (my lab domain name )

i dont see any effect on that file tbh.
4. every time i have tested smb.conf using testparm and its seems fine

5. i have tested using sudo wbinfo -t its OK

6. using wbinfo -u gives me error

7. using wbinfo -g shows the grups but i have only 20groups comparing to 205k users

8. yes on a Synology website there is info about limits (but to my surprise i could see all of 206k user) which i can say about comp boxes... =(

see point 2 at the bottom of paragraph

9 i am not linux user so its harder for me

10. i dont know if i am not pushing to hard with this and maybe its impossible. its wierd that i could see that 206 k users. even when docs saying about 100k. (i've pasted old screen)

11. i could paste more screens if you are interested =) that would be a good article how to debug syno.


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