Synology Cameras Offsite Using Site To Site VPN

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Synology Cameras Offsite Using Site To Site VPN

The rule I was making wasn't for the VPN service itself, you should probably already have rules to allow Internet (maybe limit by countries or something) to SRM for VPN Plus applications. My rule was for allowing the tunnelled connections that are coming out of the VPN service from the remote site. These tunnelled connections are still detected on the receiving router's Internet interface and they then have to be allowed into the LAN.
This is all available in the source and destination IP address options when creating a firewall rule.

Your earlier screenshot showed you selecting the VPN Plus applications. This is why I thought you are creating rules for accessing the VPN services but may not have created rules for allowing the traffic that is passing through the VPN tunnels.

You already said you have the two VPN Plus saying that the Site to Site connection has successfully connected. So we look at getting LAN devices at each site to access each other using their LAN IPs.

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