Synology Compatibility List: I am No Longer Compatible

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Synology Compatibility List: I am No Longer Compatible


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Nice thing about being a hobby user is simple requirements and the ability to make on-the-spot unilateral decisions... After reading for the past few weeks about DSM 7.0, Compatibility Lists, Incompatibility Lists, plus my disappointment in compatibility for the recent 12-Bay announcements, etc... I am giving up on Synology. Going back to the Mac.

I just sold our two DS1621xs+ primary/secondary NAS, along with a handful of Synology SSDs. Still have a far-away remote backup DS420+ managed via QuickConnect in the event of Armageddon.

The new hardware is a Mac Mini (6-core Intel) with 2x OWC ThunderBay4 and 1x OWC ThunderBay8 (Thunderbolt 3 enclosures w/ UltraStar and Exos HDDs). Software is Mac OS Monterey with a MAMP Web Server for PHP, Apple RAID Assistant, Drive DX health monitoring, and CCC for most backups.

Performance of the Web app actually improved on the Mac mini vs. Synology DS. Backups and file copies are significantly faster (Thunderbolt 3 vs 10GbE). So far... the Mac has no trouble supporting two users watching video, while transcoding with Handbrake, and ripping with MakeMKV.

I share your sentiments. For some time now I've been considering TrueNAS, UnRAID, OMV as alternatives. But I'm not interested in building my own hardware... and I want a novice friendly support network. Presently I'm drifting towards Ubuntu server running on a NUC... And then there is Proliant, Dell... I just have to stop looking.

If I can get a Docker based system running, I'll should hit most of my objectives.

Good luck with the Mac.

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