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Got a reply from the Contacts 'PM' (project manager, product manager?) regarding better support for address fields items (see post above Synology Contacts beta)

I will proce[e]d your feedback to our development team and see how to improve user experience of Synology Contacts.
Still not working for me.
I've uninstalled the old VCard syno apps (used by the company) and installed Contacts Beta. Apps seems to be good with nice features and user friendly environement. But I'm trying for two week now to access this fuc... server with carddav url and never manage to connect with : Macbook pro CONTACTS (mojave) - Ios 13.3.1 Iphone X - and Carddav apps on my PC laptop. I tried the url given by the software, try the old parameters, try different url as my thinking was going... still nothing. This will give me crazy.
Does anybody experiences the same issue, and may be solved it ?
Apps seems to be good with nice features and user friendly environement
Except when you like having an address in Mac/iOS Contacts with street, town, post code, country fields: Edit/save this card after viewing it in Synology Contacts and you'll have all that data in the street field next time you look in Mac/iOS Contacts.

On my Mojave Mac I have server settings as:
  • Server address is, without http/https, Application Portal's customised domain for Synology Contacts
  • Server path is 'empty', i.e. the greyed out text '/principals/user/'
  • Port is 443 and using SSL.
On iOS 13 I have:
  • Server is, without http/https, Application Portal's customised domain for Synology Contacts
  • Advanced settings:
    • Using SSL
    • Port 443
    • Account URL is: https://<customised domain>/carddav/<login name>/

Can't recall what I entered to create the accounts, it might have been with the :433 on the server address.
I'm trying on my MACBOOK, still not working. I've desactivated temporary my firewall to be sure. still nothing.
Are you abble to check to what this port is corresponding on your syno ?
No need to shout, I've been using Macs for 30 years but I'm not totally deaf yet.
never manage to connect with : Macbook pro CONTACTS (mojave) - Ios 13.3.1 Iphone X - and Carddav apps on my PC laptop
I saw you had both Mac and iPhone. I have a customised domain for Synology Contacts on my NAS and that means it is using TCP 443. Also using a LE certificate for the customised domain.

Try browsing to the URL that Synology Contacts provides when you right-click the vertical '...' next to My Contacts and select WebDAV.
For me I only can browse to a login request if I use either:
  • customised domain
  • add '/aliasname' to whichever domain or IP address
So for browsing (to test connectivity) then this works:
  • https://<customised_domain>/carddav/<account_name>/
  • https://www.<my_domain>/<alisname>/carddav/<account_name>/
  • https://<NAS_IP>/<alisname>/carddav/<account_name>/
Not only has the request have to get to the NAS, the NAS has to recognise the port 443 request as CardDAV for Synology Contacts. I haven't switched off all Application Portal options so I haven't checked what WebDAV URL it would suggest.
Good evening and many thanks for your help.
When I browse the url I have a bad request 400.
Bad request 400 would suggest that you are trying to access a service thats broadcasting on a different protocol then what you are using. http instead of https for example
Thanks for this information.
I've temporary stopped WebStation, and now I reach the loggin page browsing the URL given by "..." in contacts app, but still impossible to connec with any carddav client. I cannot understand what's wrong.
If you've got another idea.
Out of ideas at the moment. Though I'm not exactly sure what combination of configuration answers you've tried when responding to the different CardDAV apps. Maybe if you share what you'd done then we can see if there's an alternative?

I did note the Mac Contacts had a peculiarity when I set it up, as you'll have seen in the first page of this thread...
After changing many parameters, re-install contact Beta and following all your informations (specially the one indicating to put the port directly in the URL) I can now connect.
Works well as your description in your message ok on IOS / no group on MACOS.
May be this issue in MACOS is coming from the path not given and the system cannot reach the data.
I'd to see what the next version of this beta will be.
Thanks for your help.
I just want to point out for anyone having problems connecting to CardDAV from MacOS (Catalina 10.15):

I discovered that MacOS seems to request port 8843 (not 8443, which is the default from CardDAV Server), over SSL. It does this regardless of the port chosen when connecting to the server. Changing the port setting on CardDAV Server to 8843 allowed it to connect seamlessly.

I wonder if this is the same for Contacts Beta.
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