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Synology Drive 2.0 BETA


NAS Support
DS1520+, DS218+, DS215j
  1. RT2600ac
  2. MR2200ac
  3. RT6600ax
  4. WRX560
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
So now we see that Drive is absorbing Cloud Station's remaining features, though why only Windows 10? Hopefully this will be expanded to all desktop and mobile platforms too.

The beta downloads include clients for PC, Mac, and Ubuntu.

Full-fledged file syncing, sharing, and collaboration solution. Access only what you need on Windows 10 PC without taking up unnecessary space, and seamlessly sync files among multiple NAS servers.

There's no rollback to Drive v1, so who's going to be brave enough to test it?
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Drive 2.0 basically absorbs the remaining Cloud Station features of Backup and ShareSync. What does this mean?

The various release notes are here: Unleash the power in your files – and your teams | Synology Inc.

PC/Mac/Ubuntu Drive 2.0 client integrates the former Cloud Station Backup client ... much to Mac users' noise regarding CSB being 32-bit app and MacOS Mojave being the last major version to support 32-bit (next MacOS should be autumn this year).

In Windows 10 Drive 2.0 client (and I hope coming to the others and mobile apps) selective sync for files and folders. This has been raised here and the 'community' and avoids needing multiple tasks, e.g., to avoid syncing too much to a small laptop SSD. At present it needs selective tasks for sync'ed folder and an alternative mount point (WebDAV/SMB/AFP/3rd party app for SFTP) for a full online view.

A consistent naming of these features (again). While Drive and Cloud Station worked with each other, this wasn't apparent and casued unnecessary confusion.

Something about a new Synology Office beta, but I don't really use this (yet).

I've installed in on the DS215j since I only use this for HBup backups. So far it's running, I'll need to create a task to it but that means I need to decide which Mac gets the beta client.
I have been running it on my NAS and the Beta seems to be working just fine. It does seem faster to show files and seems to be quicker over all. I only use the web interface, but so far so good, also I would say that I am not a power user.
Migration to Drive 2.0 (beta) is done now.
First, you have to update DSM into last ver: Version: 6.2.2-24922
Then upgrade beta package of Drive.

1. significant WAN transfer speed (HTTPS) in boot ways D/U, if you have FTTx, then you can utilize your connection.

2. synchro by Drive client (existing) Win, iOS APP is with no troubles. Seems to be the iOS APP with faster response (deep into folder tree).

3. New version of the Drive client 2.0:
-Settings/Edit connection ... there is new feature (magnifier) to find LAN Drive server
- Backup your data (PC) ... include specific system folders. Applicable for someone, who tried find this feature in past. Works.

4. synchro of 3rd party clouds (Google Drive, MS One Drive, + private) is stable as is in ver 1.0

seems to be, Synology has nice Drive upgrade.
I don't remember name of user who on this forum tried find a solution for cross-site immediate Sync (video files from Syno surveillance cams from NAS to NAS).
It is main feature of new ver. - Syno Drive Share sync (2.0 Beta). And it works perfect. Tested, used.

You can setup new Syno Drive instance for the Sync a content from Primary Drive server.

Ok, I’m sure it’s just me missing something as I split hairs, but in the Synology beta descriptions...

Does Synology drive 2.0 client beta on a desktop (Mac or PC) now have the ability to browse/open/use all the files (locally synced or not) in the entire drive in finder/explorer (without a web interface)?

Ie you can browse in finder/explorer and see all Synology drive stuff, some will be synced and others not.

I only ask because currently, please correct me if I messed up my released Synology drive setup, when I click Synology drive in my finder it shows only synced content. To get to the rest of it I have to use the web interface. In my google drive it all shows(Some synced and others not synced).

Thank you
Ah thank you. I figured it had a name but didn’t know what to call it. Now I know what to keep an eye out for. I’m glad my verbose description made sense.
Also interesting is the 32 bit (gone) vs 64 bit required was brought up on new macOS. I didn’t realize that was coming. I will have to watch for that too.
Great posts and threads here.
Yes, there was a persistent 'any news on 64-bit' poster on ' the community' even though there was over a year to go until Mac stopped 32-bit support, and only if you actually upgraded on day one. So Drive 2.0 gets the 64-bit upgrade for Mac and also merges the CloudStation Backup agent into the Drive agent. On-demand would be the next thing that Mac needs. At present I just run Transmit, CloudMounter, or local WebDAV mount for full access.

I just saw 'over there' that the Synology SSL VPN client on Mac is still 32-bit, so there's another one to watch :)
Regarding the new drive and on demand feature. Has anyone seen (yet) where you can open the file (streamed from NAS) and not have it download or keep a local copy?
I only ask because currently, please correct me if I messed up my released Synology drive setup, when I click Synology drive in my finder it shows only synced content. To get to the rest of it I have to use the web interface. In my google drive it all shows(Some synced and others not synced).

Thank you
The Drive is just Syncing tool. Part of big Syno App family. For the sync you need:
  • create or use an existing shared folder in NAS
  • then "Enable" the shared folder by Drive admin console to Drive Sync environment.
Then answer is:
  • if you don't need to share some Shared folders (lot of us) from your NAS to Sync environment, it is up to your choice.
  • if you like sync all your NAS Shared folders - you can (except system).

Re: web interface for rest of non-synced Shared folder environment:
  • for WAN - yes
  • for LAN - map your shared folders.
But there are still plenty solutions how to get the data without web interface:
- SFTP, Presto, ...

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