NAS Compares Synology Drive Client 2.0 Beta – Early Review

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NAS Compares Synology Drive Client 2.0 Beta – Early Review

Smart Synchronization with Synology Drive Client 2.0 for Windows 10

The Synology Drive application has evolved remarkably fast since its initial preview back in 2017. Moving fast from a pre-release beta application, all the way through to an established Synology primary app for DSM, Desktop Client and mobile app, Drive has become one of the most impressive applications in the arsenal of apps included with your Synology NAS Drive server. However, it is now with the latest updates to the Synology Drive client application for Windows, alongside further improvements to connected apps like Synology office and Synology moments, that we have seen probably the biggest innovation in this application in the new Drive client beta program – on demand file desktop file streaming.

When Synology Drive was first unveiled, I think it is fair to say that it’s primary appeal was that of being a swiss-army knife of file opening point too all of your files from a web browser via a single portal access point. The main appeal for this was to make accessing the data on your Synology NAS as straightforward and easy as third-party cloud providers like Dropbox and Google Drive have made it for their cloud services

It’s safe to say that Synology Drive achieved this exceptionally, well producing a streamlined but file tailored browser-based access point in Synology Drive, along with the Synology Drive application for mobile devices and Drive client apps for Mac and Windows systems. This meant that you had the ease and utility of well-established third-party cloud, but with your data living on a private NAS server under your control.

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