Info Synology Drive Server Version: 2.0.2-11076 Released

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Info Synology Drive Server Version: 2.0.2-11076 Released

DS418play, DS213j, DS3621+, DSM 7.0.4-11091
Version: 2.0.2-11076
Important note
  1. The update is expected to be available in all regions within the next few days. The actual time of release may vary slightly depending on the region.

What's New
  1. Added a tip in Synology Drive Admin Console to explain why certain Team Folders cannot be enabled.

Fixed Issues
  1. Fixed the issue where users cannot view publicly shared folders through iOS Safari browser.
  2. Fixed the issue where changing the display language might fail.
  3. Fixed the issue where database upgrade might fail when upgrading from Cloud Station Server.
  4. Fixed the issue where administrators have access to shared folders which they had no permission to.
  5. Fixed the issue where exporting logs might fail on Chrome version 75.
  6. Fixed the issue where syncing extension attributes of files on macOS through Synology Drive ShareSync might fail when the connection is unstable.
  7. Fixed the issue where syncing performance on Btrfs file system might be reduced after it has been in use for a period of time.
  8. Fixed the issue where backing up Synology Drive Server via Hyper Backup under heavy server workload might result in the package not functioning properly.
  9. Fixed the issue where users who are already logged in are unable to open the settings page of publicly shared files.

Manual Install Link

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