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NAS Compares Synology DS1520+ vs DS920+ NAS Drive Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS1520+ vs DS920+ NAS Drive Comparison

Synology DS1520+ vs DS920+ NAS – Which Should You Buy?

The Synology 2020 series is a range that went from relative obscurity to practically being almost entirely fleshed out in less than 3 months. Featuring an enormous range of desktop NAS solutions, mid-range rackmounts and PCIe upgrade cards, they have improved a number of the key devices in their product portfolio this year. However, two of the very last diskstation NAS solutions in this range have been released just over six weeks apart and although arriving in differing drive numbers and price points, the new Synology DS1520+ that was recently revealed is arguably one of the best mid-range Intel-powered solutions the brand has released. That said, many potential and existing DS920+ NAS buyers have drawn comparison between these two NAS and despite similarities in a number of key areas, arrive at a noticeable difference in price. So today, I want to talk about whether you should buy the Synology DS920+ or DS1520+ NAS, which is the better value you and ultimately which one deserves your data?

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