NAS Compares Synology DS1621+ vs DS1618+ NAS Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS1621+ vs DS1618+ NAS Comparison

Synology DS1621+ vs DS1618+ NAS Drive – Which Should You Buy​

Buying a new piece of hardware is always a mixture of excitement and nervous trepidation – the keenness to get a new solution up and running in your home/business to improve things, mixed with the concern to make sure it is absolutely the best choice (#buyersremorse). With Synology revising their network-attached storage (NAS) hardware every few years (in order to better host their software and your data) many people looking to buy a new NAS drive will be stuck on whether to buy the brand new release from the brand, or potentially save some cash and buy the older generation. In the case of the newly revealed DS1621+ NAS, we find a solution that improves on its predecessor, the DS1618+, in a number of very noticeable ways and there are lots of reasons why it will seem like an obvious choice between the two. However, that is not necessarily the be-all-end-all and in fact, there are numerous ways in which the older DS1618+ NAS can still hold the high ground. So today, I want to compare the DS1621+ and DS1618+ NAS from Synology and find out which one deserves your data. We will be looking at Price, Hardware, Performance and Storage. Let’s go.

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