NAS Compares Synology DS1621xs+ NAS Review

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NAS Compares Synology DS1621xs+ NAS Review

Synology DS1621xs+ NAS Drive Review

To say that I have looked at a lot of different devices over the years would be a fantastic understatement. Nevertheless, when I finally got my hands on the new Synology DS1621xs+ NAS drive, I have to admit I was excited. For those of you that have followed the Synology NAS brand over the years, along with numerous positive aspects of both their hardware and software series, there has always been one subject of which they have been fantastically abstinent in pursuing at the desktop level – 10Gbe. The subject of desktop profile solutions that are equipped with 10Gbe is something that Synology has resisted for an incredibly long time. That isn’t to say that they hey have never pursued 10 Gigabit at all, from a series of well-equipped upgrade PCIe cards that enable the 10x NIC connection, to numerous rackmount solutions that arrived with the port, they do understand it’s value. However, the Synology DS1621xs+ is the first Intel-powered desktop solution with 10Gbe they have ever released, as well as bringing numerous other Synology brand hardware options to the mix. With its slightly intimidating price tag at around £1600+, it is quite the investment on day one. So today, let’s take a good look at the Synology DS1621xs+ 10G NAS and decide if it deserves your data.

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NAS Support
DS412+, DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs+ with expansions
  1. RT1900ac
  2. RT2600ac
  3. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
Was expecting a much higher price than 1600.

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