NAS Compares Synology DS1821+ NAS Hardware Review

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NAS Compares Synology DS1821+ NAS Hardware Review

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Synology DS1821+ NAS Review

Even to the most casual follower of network-attached storage, 2020 has been a fantastically truncated year of new hardware releases. Perhaps it is because the supply chain has been so fragmented worldwide, with people adjusting to new working practices, or perhaps it is simply the brand readjusting their release strategies in line with how companies have adapted to this new way of working. Regardless of what it is, we have seen the usually predictable pattern of hardware releases from brands like Synology be utterly thrown out the window. Into this wonderfully eclectic range of releases, we find the brand new 8-bay NAS solution for small and medium business hit the market, the DS1821+ Diskstation solution. This desktop NAS is geared towards prosumers looking to take advantage of the Synology Diskstation Manager (DSM) software, as well as working from a more flexible and adaptive hardware platform. Finding a place in the storage portfolio between the DS1621+ and DS1621xs+, this system arrives with all of the hardware benefits of the former but allows the user to save money and add flexibility over the latter. Arriving 2 years after its predecessor, the DS1819+, this system arrives with a newer CPU, better memory options, dedicated caching and scalability of its expandability in a number of key ways. But with other network hardware improving drastically in those 2 years and the demands from even mid-range businesses growing considerably, is this new Synology NAS a big enough jump to warrant your money? Does the Synology DS1821+ deserve your data? Let’s find out.

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