NAS Compares Synology DS218+ vs QNAP TS-251B NAS – Value NAS Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS218+ vs QNAP TS-251B NAS – Value NAS Comparison

Choosing the Right 4K Affordable NAS – DS218+ Vs TS-251B?

Back in September 2017, Synology (currently regarded as one the top NAS brands) decided to release almost their entire desktop diskstation NAS series at once. Understandable this caused a great deal of confusion for many NAS buyers as suddenly they were no longer choosing between two or three devices, but now over ten to twenty (if you factored in the older releases too). I still don’t think this was a fantastically smart idea and only time will tell if this gamble paid off for them, but after the dust settled, a Synology NAS device was more popular than all the others – the Synology DS218+ 2-Bay. Somehow these two NAS servers had really appealed to NAS buyers because all the other devices released were either too expensive for the hardware, or too lacking in hardware too start with to provide the performance NAS users needed.

However, despite the big margin of price and hardware difference between them, most users choose either the DS218+ for its great Price VS hardware and with the release of the brand new QNAP TS-251B, it is becoming very clear that the battle for best affordable NAS of 2018 is between the older Synology and the newer QNAP NAS. So, lets find out which one deserves your attention, your money and your data!

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I find it strange that the Qnap supports BTRFS on external drives but not on internal ones (according to the specs referenced)!

On the other hand, I don't like the colors. I wouldn't buy it just for that reason alone. Similar to a Samsung washing machine that my parents once had!

Yes I'm that shallow when it comes to aesthetics. Heart first then brain. This thing is ugly. But then again, "beauty is in the…".



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Samsung washing machine
My first thought was that image was a paper shredder! Or open top breadmaker.

Is it a smart washing machine with a camera and microphone to 'help and not spy' on your unmentionables? 😂

Not wanting to be Synology rah-rah-rah! There must be a typo on the noise level spec cos says the DS218+ is 19dB vs 71dB.

Either people have bought Synology not know about QNAP, possible, or the direct HDMI and audio ports are not interesting. The 10GbE will be more interesting when upgrading other kit or directly attached.

It's good to see two strong vendors competing well against each other, better for all of us.

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