NAS Compares Synology DS220+ vs DS218+ NAS Drive Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS220+ vs DS218+ NAS Drive Comparison

Comparing the Synology DS220+ vs the DS218+ NAS Drive

Choosing to buy a NAS drive can often be be a tricky investment choice to make. Although the development of network-attached storage in 2020 has far outgrown the rather simplistic ideas of it being a brainless hard drive you can access by the network or internet, growing into a complete and unique operating system comparable to those found on desktop or mobile platforms, it still constitutes a difficult choice for those new to this kind of hardware. Even if you are going for basic NAS hardware for storing and backing up data for your friends, family or work colleagues, you are still going to need to spend a few hundred Pounds, Dollars or Euros in order to get the right piece of kit and you want to make sure you get it right first time. For this kind of buyer who wants performance without the lofty price tag, I will always recommend a mid-range NAS that features an Intel processor, 2GB of memory, and the ability to support a little bit of everything that a modern as should be able to do. The Synology mid-range 2-Bay diskstation NAS series has been around for well over a decade and has always been a remarkably suitable choice for those who want to take their first confidence steps into the world of NAS. Currently, the newest of these 2-Bay choice for this kind of user is the brand new Synology DS220+, but it only JUST recently arrived on the scene, almost 3 years after the DS218+ NAS. Both of these devices have been designed to give an excellent and balanced package of affordability yet functionality. Often users will simply buy the new piece of kit on the market, under the impression that new means better – however, this is not always the case and comparing the DS220+ and DS218+ shows a few areas that allow a more selective approach to buying the right NAS drive for your data storage needs. So let us take a look at these two affordable Synology NAS drive to see which one truly deserves your data.

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