NAS Compares Synology DS220j vs DS218j NAS – Cost Effective Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS220j vs DS218j NAS – Cost Effective Comparison

Which Budget NAS deserves your data? The DS220j or the DS218j?

With Network Attached Storage (NAS) being so popular these days, it is completely understandable that in order for everyone to buy one, some more affordable NAS solutions need to be developed. As much as you want a NAS that can do EVERYTHING, it can be rather disheartening to look at a price tag that is literally in the thousands of pounds and realise it is vastly outside your budget. So the next time to look at what you can afford and that is where the Synology J series comes into play. As already discussed in previous NASCompares articles, the Synology J series is designed to be cost-effective (not cheap – very important). That means that the hardware you are buying, though comparatively lower than those in the bigger Intel-based, DDR4 and 10GBe ranges, still arrives with standard specifications that will get smaller NAS tasks done. Until this month, the current cost-effective J series NAS 2-Bay that Synology had available was the £135+ ex.VAT DS218j (released in late 2017) and it proved to be very popular indeed, with a price point that meant that it and a 2TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS Hard drive came in at around a £200 spend. The newly available Synology DS220j NAS is the very latest cost-effective unit to be released and many people are wondering how it compares with the 2+ years older model, it is worth an upgrade given if you purchased the DS218j at launch, you are out of warranty? Is the Synology J series still relevant in 2020? So let’s compare the DS220j and DS218j from Synology.

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Given the links to (when you correct to the right devices) show that the DS220j is a few quid cheaper than the DS218j ... DS220j with the 64-bit quad core 1.4GHz but still need to avoid RAM hungry packages.

DS218j out of warranty? No need to replace it unless it's not capable to run what you need it to.


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220j "deatils" are based on speculation. There is no official release from Synology. Maybe I'll begin a new thread on the 222j :eek:

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