Synology DS3612xs and Hetzner Storage Box rsync - Hyper Backup

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Synology DS3612xs and Hetzner Storage Box rsync - Hyper Backup

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Hello everyone.

Today I tried to rsync my Synology with a Hetzner Storage Box, using Hyper Backup, but without any success.

On the Hetzner Wiki, the storage boxes are compatible with rsync on port 23. Tried with rsync, it works.

With Hyper Backup, it does not work.

When I try to click on Backup Module, it shows the message from the picture below.

On my NAS I'm running DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4

The SSH Support and External Reachability are enabled on the Hetzner part.

What am I missing?

...Spend all my day trying to make it work.. :(

Thank you!

noob question here: so I have to forward the port from my side in order to work with the remote destination?
The destination device works properly. Tried an alternative rsync without synology..
Yes. The destination side works only on 23. And that is is open. Only the synology does not work with that side..
Interactive SSH access is not permitted from Hetzner side, so this can't be used via HB tool.

Use a simple command-line method as explained and set a Task Schedule. The result will be the same.
I will try that. Thank you!
and another you know the maximum file size that synology can push through webdav?
I have multiple files of 40-50GB each
just found a bug into the hyper backup app. it won't backup large files. tried with 40GB and 50GB. tried with google drive / cloud / microsoft azure.
the sync tool works.
ended up using webdav/https
the bug described above is related only to dummy files created with fsutil
hyper backup won't backup those files.
tested with real video files ~50GB - it works.

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