NAS Compares Synology DS620slim NAS Hardware Review

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NAS Compares Synology DS620slim NAS Hardware Review

Does the New Intel Power Compact Synology DS620slim NAS Deliver?

The Synology DS620slim is a network device that is hard to compare with the majority of NAS drives in 2019. Many of us are well aware of the advantages to home and business users of a robust and reliable network-attached storage drive. However, much like any tool or technology that that exists for a long time, variations of existing hardware that are designed to suit different users begin to emerge. The Synology slim series is a classic example of physical design being the most important part of the product itself. The DS620slim, much like previous Synology slim devices, is a NAS server that aims to give you all the features and functionality of a modern NAS, but in a remarkably compact form. With the DS620slim being released only weeks after the other less powerful slim model, the DS419slim, yet arriving twice as expensive, is there room in such a niche industry as NAS for Synology to release two slim units with the more conscientious user in mind? ultimately, does the Synology DS620slim NAS deserve your data?

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NAS Support
DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs+
  1. RT1900ac
  2. RT2600ac
  3. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
Docker/VMM all flash device. I like it. Small and solid power NAS. Bit more ram would be nice but consider the form factor, it’s ok.

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