NAS Compares Synology DS720+ vs DS220+ NAS Drive Comparison

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NAS Compares Synology DS720+ vs DS220+ NAS Drive Comparison

Comparing the Synology DS720+ vs the DS220+ NAS Drive​

Synology is still regarded as one of the most popular brands in the world of network-attached storage (NAS), with a clearly defined portfolio that accommodates home and business user needs accordingly, as well as all supporting the award-winning and remarkably easy to use Diskstation Manager (DSM) software. Despite this, many users still are on the fence about choosing the right solution for their storage needs. They have decided on a Synology NAS drive, but as each system has it’s own hardware highlights and the extent to which you can use DSM, it can sometimes be easier said than done to choose the right NAS server for you. Despite the wide variety of solutions available to NAS buyers in desktop/tower form, those who are making their first purchase in a NAS solution will generally consider a 2-Bay solution. It is compact, lower overall cost and (in 2020/2021 certainly) the growth of larger Hard drives and SSD (18-20TB right now) means that even a 2-bay NAS can support quite a large amount of data capacity (even in RAID 1). Also thanks to this, it means that the general hardware in a NAS outside of the storage (so, the CPU, the Memory, Connections and more) have had to be improved in order to meet these storage highs. Synology has several 2 Drive NAS solutions in their portfolio, that span numerous sub-ranges (Plus, Play, J, Standard and NVR) but today I want to focus on the DS220+ and DS720+ 2-Bay NAS drives, as these are very popular with home and Prosumer (professional consumer) solutions and both provide a very similar architecture at a glance, but to a differing degree and arrive at around $100-120 different in price. So, let’s take a look at both to see how they compare and which one deserves your data.

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